Volunteering is the life-blood of many organizations and we LOVE volunteers!

The success of Wadsworth Community Radio is partially dependent on the time, talents, interest, and enthusiasm of those in our community who value being a part of a mission.

Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours, we’ll discover ways together as to how you can be a part of our journey towards true community radio!

You might ask, “but I don’t know anything about being a part of a radio station?” No problem! Our core group of employees associated with Wadsworth Community Radio have many years in all aspects of broadcasting and are excited to teach, explain, discuss and train! (And who knows, you’ll probably teach us a thing or two!)

A volunteer can mean MANY things within radio broadcasting:

  • Assisting during a studio or live broadcast
  • Helping organize/categorize our music library and downloading new music for our playlists
  • Lending a hand during the creation of one of our many audio recordings
  • Helping interview special guests

We’ll do our best to see how we can get you involved. Interested in inquiring about volunteering your time/talents to Wadsworth Community Radio? Drop an email to Tom Stugmyer: tom@wadsworthcommunityradio.com

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