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spring allergiesSpring is a beautiful time of the year in northeast Ohio, but it’s also a time that brings runny noses and itchy eyes and can sometimes make breathing more difficult for kids who suffer from allergies and/or asthma.

Dr. Erik White, allergist and immunologist with Akron Children’s Hospital, says 20-percent of kids with allergies can go on to develop asthma, and 80-percent of asthamatics develop allergies.

“It’s important to get your child’s allergies under control to improve their function in the classroom and at home,” Dr. White says. “Think of allergies if not controlled as a constant cold. It’s not fun.”

The spring season sprouts molds and budding trees. Pollen and grasses begin irritating allergy sufferers around this time of year also. And while this spring allergy season may be shorter because of the cooler weather, Dr. White says it’s predicted to be more intense.

“The saturation will allow plants, trees and grass to grow more heartily, increasing the intensity of the spring allergy season.”

Skin testing is one effective way to see what children are allergic to so parents can help keep the allergies under control, but Dr. White says testing for ashtma is more difficult in young kids.

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