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Our sincerest congratulations to our new Medina County Sheriff, Terry Grice. Grice took the Oath of Office on Jan. 3, 2021. He was proudly administered by his father.

In his speech after taking the oath of office, the new Sheriff thanked his family for always being there for him.

“Our family means a great deal to Cindy and I and I think everyone who knows us, knows how important that is. That group back there is like a family. And just like the sheriff’s office, our employees will become a family too.”

Before winning the November election to become the new Medina County Sheriff, Grice served as police chief of Montville Township.

“It’s not about titles, it’s about who you are as individuals. Titles are temporary. Relationships can last a lifetime. I think this room epitomizes that. That no matter what your title is, your relationship can really build a foundation for a bright future.”

Lots of congratulations on our Facebook post on Grice’s oath.

Congratulations to the most deserving person I know,” Nancy Rice wrote. “With his humble, loving, caring, kind heart he will lead his civil servants with honor and dignity. He is honest, trustworthy and open minded. He will truly have the best interest of the community, his employees and his family at the forefront of every decision. Best wishes to my longtime friend. God bless you in this venture stay safe and may you be guided and protected in this new journey.”

Terri Noe also left an encouraging message to the new sheriff on the post: “Congratulations to Sheriff Grice, his wife, Cindy, and their two sons. Such a wonderful family.”

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