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One of the most fun and creative families we know are at it again! Michael Gibson, a 1990 Wadsworth High School graduate who lives in Rittman with his wife and their six children, may be best known for his summer hitchhiking adventures with his children. Their adventurous spirits are carrying over into winter.

Last weekend, the family did a 24-hour Facebook-a-thon fundraiser, shoveling driveways to raise money for the Rittman wrestling team. In true fun family fashion, they’re taking their escapades to the next level, hoping to double their donations this weekend.

The family built a creative creation: a 10×10 foot ice fortress in their yard that’s about 8-feet tall, sacrificing heat and the comforts of home during a brutally cold weekend, in hopes of doubling their donations.

Michael, along with his sons Jakob and Joshua, will be spending 48 hours inside their ice room where it’s a whopping 42 degrees. To get inside, they have to squeeze through a tiny tunnel, something Michael calls “a sight to see!”

It’s an igloo-like structure complete with electronics, a home sweet home sign, some OSU gear and lots and lots of blankets and special sleeping bags.

On Friday night, the family had pizza delivered to their ice house, they watched a few movies inside, played some games and then got cozy in their sleeping bags to catch a few zzz’s.

The family’s goal is to raise as much money as they can for the wrestling team’s needs, which includes new mats. So far, they have raised more than $800 between shoveling and being “iced inside.”

“It’s actually surprisingly warm in here,” Michael said in his messages to Wadsworth Community Radio.

The family will be inside the ice house until noon on Sunday!


You can follow along with their adventures on Facebook: #1Dad5KidsIcedInside #RittmanWrestlingChallenge

You can also drive by their home and see the igloo for yourself, which is located at 99 N. 5th Street in Rittman.

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