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It kicked off Sunday and will continue until tickets run out. The Wadsworth Police Department has joined forces with Dolce at the Strand and Howard Hanna as part of ‘Scoops for Safe Riders’.

Children caught riding their bikes safely around town, and wearing their helmet, will be ‘ticketed’. That ticket will be good for a free double scoop of gelato at Dolce. It will also double as a raffle ticket for a prize to be won in the fall.

“Officers on day and afternoon shifts will have a few tickets to pass out around town,” Officer Shonk said. “I’m also hoping to get around to the schools during the first week or so to find safe riders on their way to school, too.”

The department has a total of 100 tickets to pass out.  “When we’re out, we’re out for the summer,” Officer Shonk said.

While a “good chunk of (tickets)” were handed out during Sunday’s kickoff, the department still has “a bunch more.”


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