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Serenity Family and Individual Counseling in Wadsworth is expanding. Beginning in April, they will have an additional downtown Wadsworth location. The second location will be inside the professional building at 273 Main Street, Suite 345.

“Serenity was full (at 180 High Street, Suite D) and we had to start turning away people who really needed services. I felt I had to do more,” explained Shea Beris/McCreery in an email to Wadsworth Community Radio.

Serenity hired more therapists for the expanded location and they will begin operating out off both locations beginning May 1.

“As a Wadsworth native, it feels great being able to offer easily accessible mental health and relationship services to the community!” Beris/McCreery said.

Serenity will also be offering a new treatment method called Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy or KAP*.

“Research has shown many breakthroughs with treatment resistant depression, PTDS, and anxiety with just a single KAP session!” she explained.

For more information on Serenity: http://www.serenity-fic.com

*As with any practice that involves bringing up painful feelings and experiences, things can feel a lot worse before they start to feel better. Anyone looking into KAP should keep this in mind and discuss a potential plan with their therapist if necessary. Many have found that the experience of KAP led to therapeutic breakthroughs at an exponentially faster rate than traditional talk therapy. They’ve uncovered repressed memories, faced previously unbearable emotions, and even found the purpose they have been searching for.

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