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“The rate in which COVID-19 has changed and the constant flow of new information can be frustrating. We feel that way too,” said Medina County Health Commissioner Krista Wasowski in a news release Tuesday.
“To help keep you informed with the most up-to-date information we have available, we’re providing some additional data today to help broaden the picture of what’s going on with COVID-19 in Medina County.”

The information will be updated weekly on the Medina County Health Department website and additional data will be released in coming weeks. “As testing becomes more readily available, there will be increased confirmed cases. Please remember that our early testing was limited to those most ill, which explains the current ratio of hospitalizations to total cases,” Wasowski said.

“As you will see in the graph below, COVID-19 is still present in our community and on the rise,” explained Wasowski.

In the past week, there have been 77 new cases, nine requiring hospitalization. “We are finding more and more that it is affecting people of every demographic including age, race, gender, and geographical location, not just older adults or those with (simultaneous presence of two chronic diseases or conditions). Individuals with the virus can spread illness without symptoms, which makes disease control difficult, particularly in group settings.”

Wasowski also said thedepartment is also learning the way that COVID-19 affects people can be vastly different. There have been cases of older adults who recover totally fine and younger, seemingly healthy individuals who become very ill.

“The truth is, COVID-19 is unpredictable and as we begin to move about in public again, it will be up to each of us as individuals to take personal responsibility to slow the spread. I hope after taking a look at the current Medina County data, this information helps to encourage you to make decisions based on the safety and health of all those around you.”

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