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Employees of school districts have been included in Ohio’s COVID-19 vaccination Phase 1B.  As the state is now in Phase 1B, the Wadsworth School District was informed that their opportunity for employees to receive the first dose of the vaccine will be Thursday, Feb. 4 at an off-campus location.

More than 71% of district employees have expressed a desire to get the vaccine. In order to make that happen, all school buildings – including Wadsworth Wired – will be closed to allow for vaccinations to occur.

“We have not received any details on when the second dose will be offered,” said superintendent Dr. Andy Hill. “This closure is for all students, those who are in-person, in a building and those in Wadsworth Wired. Activities scheduled for the evening of February 4 will continue, unless students are advised otherwise by their principal/coach/moderator.”

While cancelling a day of school is never desired, Dr. Hill said in an email message to the community, it is necessary their employees get access to the COVID-19 vaccine.

“it’s another step in helping us to keep our students in school.”

Questions can be directed to Dr. Hill: 330-335-1300 or ahill@wadsworthschools.org.

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